Sunday, February 6, 2011

"The First All-Inclusive Wellness and Creative Energy Retreat"

I can't believe it's already February! For many of you, the year began with a list of goals/resolutions/intentions for 2011, which is terrific!  Now that a month has gone by, it's time to check in on how you are doing on with that list.  And while you are checking in, I would like for you to consider adding a little something else to your list, and I think this is something you won't mind adding.

In order to serve others (family, friends, co-workers), you must take time to take care of yourself.  Often times we focus too much on what we need to do for everyone else and fail to realize that we could give others so much more if we were feeling our best. So this year, consider adding this to your resolutions list...

Make time for YOU!

  And I have the PERFECT suggestion for how to do just that.

I invite you to experience 
"the first all-inclusive wellness and creative energy retreat."

"Replenish ... is a 'changed my life' journey guided by a team of highly conscious health and wellness facilitators... What we do is different, something that you will never forget. We are, first and foremost, an all-inclusive retreat, that means everything is included and handled for you... We offer you the convenience of just showing up and letting us take care of the details.

"Whether a small adjustment to your lifestyle, a creative awakening or a complete self-healing, this opportunity is provided for you in a relaxed retreat format, and is an all encompassing mind, body, spirit betterment program. Within our retreats we provide elite and relaxing accommodations, a gourmet menu plan, creative and enlightening workshops, massage therapy and approachable facilitators. All of this in a cohesive program that will leave your mind, body and spirit feeling completely replenished!

"For nearly a decade, co-founders, Angela Needham and Deana Duffek have worked together, laughed together and traveled the dives and dynasties of the hospitality realm in a search of 'the better choice.' Now they have dedicated themselves to bringing you all of the best practices in holistic healing, meditation and the optimum tools for living your most creative and authentic life.  One hundred percent commitment to excellence has been the manifest in selecting the facilitator teams at each of the exclusive destinations."


YOU are in Laguna Beach, California staying at Hotel Seven4One, an environmentally sustainable luxury hotel, for 7 days and 6 nights of full body replenishing.

Daily YOU will be served gourmet and 100% organic meals and be able
 to enjoy a juicing and wheatgrass bar.  

Every day you will also be able to experience...

*exercise class
 *personalized massage treatment
 *renew and refresh classes
 *beach walks
*yoga class
*sound healing therapy session (music!)
*creative workshop

Your view from the Seven4One

As if this doesn't already sound too good to be true, everything (including gratuity) will all be taken care of in advance.  You will not need to carry a wallet, purse, or anything with you.  The goal is to put your mind at complete ease so you are able to soak in all the wellness and creative energy.  You will not have to worry about a thing! 

Whether you completely fell off of the healthy wagon, just need a little nudge to get back on, or, if you are like me, and you simply want to bask in the ambience of health with the added bonus of a detox, then this is the place for you!  What better way to solidify that appreciation for your heath, happiness, creativity, and energy, than in the rejuvenating and relaxing environment offered by Replenish.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride to your destination:
A Replenished You!


I would also like to mention that I have been given the incredible opportunity to be a facilitator at this retreat thanks to Angela Needham and Deana Duffek, the co-founders of Replenish.  I cannot even begin to describe how ecstatic I am to consider myself even a small part of this retreat and to have the opportunity to surround myself with such a remarkable group of facilitators.  I am truly grateful and blessed.  Just saying the word "replenish" brings a smile to my face.  Thank you Angela and Deana for giving me the chance to simultaneously serve others and share my passion for health.  
I'm bringing my blog to life!

For more information and details, visit the Replenish website. Whether you are considering attending the retreat or simply like the purpose of Replenish, you can visit and "Like" Replenish on Facebook, share the information with your friends, and follow Replenish on Twitter!  If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.  And if you decide to attend the retreat, please let me know!! 

With Love, Health, and Happiness,


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