Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Blog's Beginning

One afternoon, I was sitting on my couch going through my emails as usual, and I came across an email from Women's Health Magazine talking about the importance of buying organic foods. I decided that I wanted to share this info with my parents, so I drafted a quick email to them. In the middle of that email, I realized... Why don't I tell this information to all of the people I care about?? I love talking about staying healthy, exercising, and eating right, so why don't I share what I know/what I am learning with those I love?? And viola! The idea came to me!

I was going to write a weekly newsletter with topics about staying healthy through diet and exercise and also about other things that contribute to health and happiness. My distribution list started with close family and friends and quickly grew to friends of friends and family and even their co-workers!

So why change to a blog?  With the great response and frequent additions to my distribution list, I wanted to make it easier to spread the word about health and happiness. That way you can simply visit this blog. I also wanted an easy way for people to be able to comment and share their thoughts, recipes, ideas, questions, etc. because it's great to hear that others are interested in staying healthy and, as a result, staying happy!  If you would like to receive email notification of blog updates, just let me know by adding a comment!

The next five posts are the actual emails/newsletters I have sent over the past five weeks. I wanted to include these past emails because I wanted to be sure to have all the topics that I have talked about so far on this blog. These first several topics are simply about the basics of eating healthy. They are more informative and not necessarily the most exciting topics in the world, but I think they are important things you should know about food in order to help you in making your own food choices. After we talk about these basics, I am really excited to talk about fun things like... What to order at Starbucks? and other fun topics. If you have any suggestions or anything you want to talk about feel free to share!

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing!

With Love, Health, and Happiness,



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