Monday, August 23, 2010

Tone It Up Fat Burning System (A MUST HAVE!)

A couple weeks ago I submitted my blog, mission, vision, and passion for healthy living to Tone It Up to be considered for their Tone It Up Affiliate Program.  They liked my blog and my story, and now I am a Tone It Up Affiliate! Yay!! I am SO excited about this opportunity to work with Tone It Up to help others live a healthy lifestyle (Thanks Tone It Up!). Okay, so what does being a Tone It Up Affiliate actually mean? First, let me give you a quick introduction to Tone It Up.

I have talked about Tone It Up several times in the past, specifically their amazing ab circuit and most recently the Shake Dance Contest.  But Tone It Up isn't just about two girls filming entertaining and informative fitness and nutrition videos on YouTube.  Tone It Up is a successful brand built by two friends (now best friends) who met at a gym, Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson.

  Check out their super cute lululemon outfits! 

Karena and Katrina are both Fitness & Lifestyle Coaches, Personal Trainers, and Sports Models for popular magazines such as Women's Health, Shape and more.  You have probably seen many of their pictures in magazines and didn't even know it!  Here is my September issue of Women's Health magazine with Katrina modeling for Oakley.

So needless to say, these girls know what they are talking about when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.  Like Tone It Up, helping others live a healthy life is something that I am very passionate about, and as a Tone It Up Affiliate, I can work with Tone It Up and share in their passion by promoting the Tone It Up Fat Burning System.

This plan isn't just about trying to lose weight, it's about living an overall healthy lifestyle.  This is the plan that Karena and Katrina developed for themselves, which allowed them to look and feel the way they do today.  Katrina lost 23 pounds and Karena toned up by 7 pounds on the plan.  It was so successful for them, that they decided to create this plan to allow others to achieve and maintain that same healthy lifestyle.  Check out their motivating/ inspiring video below to see before and after pictures of Katrina and Karena and to learn more about how the plan all began...  

"We have our ToneItUp Fat burning System that we personally developed to help ourselves get heathy and to lose the unwanted layer of fat.  Our diet plan has been so successful with over 600 people so far...We only promote health and wellness, no gimmicks and no diet pills.. just a way of life that worked for us and now our customers!" ~ Karena and Katrina

Even if you don't need to lose weight this plan gives you everything you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  For the cost of a training session you receive all of this...

Personally, my goal is not to loose weight.  My goal is to have more of a toned, athletic look, and I am so excited to incorporate this plan into my lifestyle as it focuses on preserving muscle tissue and burning fat.  Muscle can be covered by a fatty layer, and by following this plan the body will be able to burn that fatty layer allowing muscle tone to show to its full potential.  

One of the really exciting things is that you will NOT be focusing on counting calories!!!  And you will be eating REAL FOOD 5 times a day!  It is so easy for me to promote this system because it is something I truly believe in... We do not need to be stressing out about counting calories or carbs, or only eating salad or 2 meals a day.  Our bodies will naturally be healthier if we eat REAL FOOD (no chemicals).  This plan gives you a guide to what foods to eat, in what combinations, and what times of day, ultimately allowing you to become a "fat burning machine" as they say.  Not only do you get the nutrition advice, but also all of the other tools mentioned above! The grocery list and sample meal plans are SOO helpful!  The recipes in the meal plan look delicious!  And the Body Blast Fitness Program and Core Program come with easy instructions and pictures! It's all there.  Oh, and don't forget about their other helpful resources... ToneItUpTV and the Tone It Up Blog where they show you a new work out (Tone It Up Tuesdays) and recipe (We LOVE Food Fridays) every week!  

One thing I love about Tone It Up and this plan is that they are with you every step of the way.  You need support?  You have a community of Tone It Up Team Members who are also following the system to talk to.  You have a question about anything?  You can Facebook or Twitter Tone It Up, and you get an answer from them!  This isn't one of those things where you buy the diet book, fitness guide, or whatever at the store, go home and read it, and the rest is up to you.  It's the complete opposite.  You have instant access to the creators of the system and to others who have already purchased the system, which allows you to get the most out of the The Fat Burning System.  Their system is unlike anything I have ever read, and I have a read a lot of things.  It breaks everything down for you.  Also, I have to mention... the system is available in Vegetarian and Vegan Plans too! See...they have thought of everything!   

Protein Pancakes that you get to enjoy 
on the Fat Burning System ~ SO GOOD! 

I know you are all asking... What's in this for you? Why are you working to promote their brand? And to answer your question... yes, I get a commission if you purchase the plan, but it is NOT just about that for me AT ALL.  I'm studying for the CPA exams right now.  It's stressful, and I have little spare time to blog and promote the plan, BUT I make time to blog and write to you about health and happiness because I LOVE IT and I love hearing from you!  It is 100% about fulfilling my passion, which is helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle.  The paycheck doesn't matter to me as much as it matters that I have helped someone become healthier... and we all know what comes from that... HAPPINESS!  I want to help you be healthy AND happy! 

If you decide to purchase the plan not only will Tone It Up be with you every step of the way, but I will too.  If you are on the fence about purchasing the plan, then feel free to ask me ANY questions!  I wouldn't be promoting something that I didn't truly believe in.  So with all of that said, here's to you being healthy and happy!     

With Love, Health, and Happiness, 

To learn more about the Fat Burning System, read testimonials, and to purchase the plan Click Here!.

To learn more about Tone It Up and how it began visit


Jamie Spencer said...

It’s being nice to comment on your blog, I had found your blog very informative regarding fat loss. Thanks for sharing such a nice piece of information with us. Keep up the Good Work.
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Michelle said...

Are you doing the Tone It Up program yourself? It does look really helpful! I am seriously considering it, especially since they have the vegan option :)

Cami said...

@Michelle: For now, I am starting with incorporating more of the meal plan and eating suggestions into my lifestyle more so than their workouts. They have a lot of tips on food combinations and when to eat what that I think are really helpful for burning the fat on top of muscle and preserving the muscle.

They also have a lot of recipes and other tips that I really like. For now, I have a workout routine that I like, but if you don't have one that you like, then this will be so helpful! I think I will start their workout routine after I finish the one I am on right now. Since your body begins to plateau after 6-8 weeks it's good to change up your workout routine, and this plan is designed to bring you results after 4 weeks. So to answer your question, I'm not following the plan perfectly right now, but I am incorporating a lot of things from the plan into my lifestyle and it has definitely made the program worth having.

Let me know what you decide to do!!

Lea @ Healthy Coconut said...

Thank you so much for his information. It's really helpful and very informative. I know how much it takes time to gather your thoughts and draft a blog post so I really appreciate your time and effort. Your blog is inspiring.

I am studying for my CPA exams too and also planning my wedding while working full time. I am at the peak of my stress almost everyday but I make time to workout and I like that you talked about how to eat smart and how to workout more efficiently. I love it.


~ Lea @ Healthy Coconut

Cami said...

Hi Lea! Thank you so much for the kind comment, I'm so glad you like the blog and that it brings you inspiration. It makes me so happy to hear that and definitely makes the time I spend writing and thinking about topics worth it.

I can't believe you are taking the CPA exams, planning your wedding, AND working full time. I admire you. I bet staying healthy really helps you during such a stressful time. I know it does for me. Working out is my release... my chance to not thinking about anything (or at least try not too). How are your exams going?? I hope well! I love your blog and reading about your travels!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cami I was just wondering, what exactly does the plan consist of? For the workouts is there a lot of running involved? Also is this like a 30 day plan or is it a long term plan? THanks!!!

Veronica said...

Hi Cami,

I am thinking about purchasing the plan. Since I don't have a membership to a gym and would rather work out at home or outside for free, can you let me know what kind of equipment I would need?


B Corson said...

Hi There.. I tried to use the "click here" link, and it said the page was disabled. Please email me the correct link so that if I decide to buy it, you can get the commission.

Wendy Thacker said...

Wow they look really fit and healthy! Wish to have their body shape :( Just watched the video and I'm motivated to plan my weight loss program now!

xShelbyx said...

I have a few questions, if thats ok :-)

Is the vegan plan gluten-free? Also, what is the general macronutrient % and cals? Would this plan help someone who needs to put on weight? Lastly, can u give me an example day (breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks) so that I can see what the plan looks like before investing?

Will the protein powder eventually be available on amazon or iherb?

Thanks so much!!

Emily Bergeron said...

Hi Cami! Looking to get some more info on the account. I am looking to take my healthy eating lifestyle to the next level to really lose the weight that I have been stuck with for quite a while. Please let me know what ou think about the cose and benefit of the program. I am quite broke these days so I want to know that it is worth my money to invest. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks :)

john smith said...

it takes excess blood sugar to your fat cells for storage. (Yikes!). best fat burner

kristinahojholt said...

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Mr Aipoi said...

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