Friday, August 6, 2010

Some Inspiration & A Recipe

Inspiration and a recipe... great combo right!!  A happy mind and a happy belly.

Okay, just in case you were needing some last minute inspiration about the exciting events coming up, particularly for tomorrow's event, I found this great video!  Makes me wanna go work out with friends right now!  (I'm being good though... studying away... my workout is my reward after studying.)

For all of the details on tomorrow's event go to the lululemon Fort Worth Facebook Page.  It's BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat).  If you need an extra mat, I have one, so let me know!

Here it is... the inspiration you were looking for.  Even if you can't go to the event, I still think this video is inspirational just in general. I think it's the song... I love it.  Enjoy! 

On another note, if you plan on cooking this weekend, specifically if you want to make a delicious salad,  you must try this Caesar Dressing recipe on romaine lettuce!  I had it recently with my quinoa and pasta sauce mixture.  Yumm! A healthy Caesar Dressing... who would have thought.  One of the ingredients is tahini, which is a roasted sesame seed butter.  You can usually find it near the peanut butter.  Check out the recipe here

I want to leave you with this quote as you begin your weekend that someone recently shared with me (Thanks Angela!).  It's short, but it says a lot. 

The strongest principal of growth lies in human choice.
-George Eliot 

So true, our health and happiness is all about our human choice.  We have 100% control of our lives (most of the time), what a great thing! With that in mind, have a great weekend friends!  Do something fun... you deserve it. :-) 

With Love, Health, and Happiness, 


Carrie said...

Hi Cami, thanks for stopping by. I found your blog via the Toneitup girl's facebook page - love them. I am also very jealous that you have Lululemon all over Texas, I stock up when we make trips to Dallas. I am also jealous that you got to go to Lake Austin Spa, I have been yearning to go there for years but it is too pricey. You are a lucky gal, and yes, thank God for Caymens!

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