Thursday, August 12, 2010

We need YOUR HELP!! Please :-)

Happy Thursday!

So I know you are anxiously waiting to hear the results of who won the Tone It Up Shake Dance Contest. Well, I am too!!  ToneItUp got about 70 video entries for the contest (wow!), and they have decided to postpone announcing the winner until NEXT WEDNESDAY... that way they have time to watch all of the videos and make a well-informed decision.  Also, they want YOU to help them decide and tell them what video you like best.  SO THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN!!

There are going to be 10 winners, and if you think our Tone It Up TEXAS Shake Dance video deserves to win, then we would LOOOOVE for you to vote for us!  (Hopefully, now the picture at the beginning of this blog makes sense, haha!)  Just in case you need to check out the video again, then here it is!

If you would like to vote for us (yay!), then here is how you can do it.  There are several ways actually.

1. You can go to ToneItUp's Facebook page, and post a comment replying to one of their most recent wall posts that says "Okay...we need help?!? Who has the best shake dance??"  You can just say "Tone It Up TEXAS Shake Dance!" or anything else you would like to add.  (Big thanks to Kelly for being way ahead of the game and already commenting her vote for us!  Thank you!!)

2.  OR, you can go to this link, and scroll alll the way to the bottom past all of the video entries, and leave a reply.  

3. OR, you could Twitter them your vote!

Oh ya, and speaking of Twitter.  I have moved up in the world... you will be proud of me...I have a Twitter account now (woohoo!), so follow me if you want to know what I'm doing for my workout, what am I having for dinner, or just any other random thoughts from me.  You can also see my Twitter updates on the right side of this blog right after the picture of Major.  Here is My Twitter Page

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  You all are the best, and I will definitely be chatting with you about some fun, healthy, and happy things before next Wednesday.  Have a great day! 

With Love, Health, and Happiness,


Jen said...

I just voted, goodluck!!! we only have a magic bullet @ the apartment.. no blender! maybe santa will bring me one for christmas?

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