Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mission Accomplished: Day 2

Good Morning!  Continuing with my weekend... here is a recap of Friday (Day 2).

I slept like a rock at this place! It is so quiet and peaceful... no city sounds at all.  In the morning we awoke to birds chirping (one of my favorite things for some reason, it makes me happy) and a fun, eventful day ahead of us!

For breakfast, we could pick items from the breakfast buffet such as granola, organic cereals, oatmeal, fruit, tiny healthy muffins, and all sorts of healthy toppings for your cereal or granola.  We could also order off of the breakfast menu, which featured 3 different kinds of pancakes, french toast, vegan sausage, and this vegan breakfast burrito thing, and much much more.  Oh, although we don't eat eggs, I must mention... their eggs are automatically made with one whole egg and two egg whites. You don't even have to ask... how cool is that!  Okay, I'm a dork for thinking that's cool, but it just is.  I really wanted to take pictures of everything we ate, but I didn't want to be THAT person taking pictures of every meal in front of me.  I will probably do that next time... because there will be a next time!

Back to breakfast, I had oatmeal with granola on top, a little bit of soy milk to make it mushy, and some sliced almonds, blueberries, and strawberries.  Sam had some organic cereal with a vegan sausage patty.  Oh, and fresh OJ too. 

We had an hour until our first activities of the day (YOGA & PILATES) so we went on a little stroll to take some pics....

First stop, the organic gardens, which are right outside of our room.  Our room was close to everything, which was nice.  (Pics of our room and our personal backyard/garden to come in a later post, get excited!)

The center of the gardens, looking onto the lake.

From the center of the gardens, our room was right up those steps!

I think we ate some of these at some point.

Sam smelling the basil wearing his super cool spa shoes.  

We ate some of this too I'm sure. 

Fancy picture time!  Props to our not-so-fancy digital camera!

Yes, this is a real flower.  It looks fake right?!

The eagle has landed...

And we have lift off...

Who doesn't love hammocks?!?!

After an hour of pictures, we had an hour of exercise!  Yoga for 30 minutes then pilates for 30 minutes.  Not really a huge workout, but it was a great warm up to wake us up and get us ready for our next activities.  

After yoga and pilates, we went on a run on the running/walking trail right off of the lake that goes through the grounds and the gardens.  At this time (10:30), the sun was beaming.  In other words, we sweat a lot!  I ran a little over a mile (still recovering from the knee injury) and Sam ran 4 miles.

I did the abs circuit in the training room while I waited for Sam to finish his run, and then we went kayaking!  Talk about a good upper body workout!  We kayaked for 45 minutes to see the Dell house (Yes, that is Dell as in the Dell computer.)  Sadly, we didn't risk taking our camera on the kayak, but I wish we would have now!

The dock on which sits the hydrobikes and kayaks! 

For some reason, I think we look like we're twelve in this pic with the life jackets.

After yoga, pilates, a run, and kayaking, it was lunch time! 
Two veggie burgers please with a side of baked chips and a salad from the salad bar with this fresh basil citrus dressing and chickpeas! Sam had a beer too... I had some. 

Then... some well deserved relaxation and sunshine!
Yes, that is me in that chair... not thinking about A THING!

After a couple solid hours of relaxation and sunshine, I had my custom comfort massage at 6:30, so it was off to the spa!  While I enjoyed my massage, Sam enjoyed some time in the Men's Locker room in the whirlpool and sauna.  

The Spa and the fully decked out Men's and Women's locker rooms.  This was just a short 5 minute walk from our room... a walk in our robes of course!

This is how I felt after my massage...
Oh yes, they turn down our beds around 6:00 and give us these fun meditation cards with motivational sayings.  That's my magazine there of course. 

Dinner Time
First Course: Crostini with a small piece sushi salmon (see, we cheat sometimes)
Second Course: Vegetable Soup
Main Course: Stuffed Vegetable Crepes with Vegan Monterey Jack Cheese and a Basil Pesto Sauce 
This main course was divine!
Dessert: Lemon Cookies with Fresh Fruit
To Drink: Chianti 

That crepe melted in my mouth.  I wish I was eating it right now.  

The lemon cookies and fresh fruit for dessert.  Check out the people eating dinner in their robes in the background... I wasn't kidding! 

Wow, that was a busy day. After dinner, there was a short walk to settle our meal.  A Knights Tale was on HBO (yes, they have HBO), which is a classic movie in my opinion, so we watched that, and then sleeeeeep.

Lessons from Day 2: 
1.  Appreciate the simple things in life.  By allowing myself to find appreciation in the butterflies landing on the flowers and the beautiful scenery, I was instantly relaxed.  Life can go by way too fast if you let it, so stop and smell the basil (like Sam) every once in a while.

2.  If you have the ability to do yoga, pilates, run, kayak and more all in one day, then do it!  It was a busy day, but a good day.  Just move your body... you will feel happier and sleep like baby!

Exercise Tip from Day 2:

The yoga class we went to that morning was just a yoga basics class.  I was kind of bored at first until I learned this simple, but very effective yoga inversion exercise.  This move is supposed to be good for acid reflux, spider veins on your legs, indigestion, for women during their menstrual cycle, and more.  I'm going to let Tara Stiles show you the move...

Day 2 was great, but Day 3 might be my favorite (not sure, but they are close), so I look forward to sharing that with you!  In the meantime, here is a sneak peak into Day 3 of our mini vacay!

By the way... tree pose is my favorite.  I dry my hair in tree pose... Sam makes fun of me 
because I don't realize I'm even doing it...I don't care, it's relaxing.

So that was Day 2!  Hope you had a great start to your week!  

With Love, Health, and Happiness, 


Michelle said...

Love that last pic... you are too cute!

And your main course at dinner sounds amazing!
I made a vegan cheese sauce last night with nutritional yeast and it turned out great! I want to try and recreate the veggie crepe thing!

Can't wait to see your adventures of Day 3 :)

Cami said...

That awesome that your cheeze sauce turned out yummy! That makes me happy.

The veggie crepe was delicious. I'm sure you could look up any vegan crepe recipe, I know there are several. Inside our crepe was red and yellow bell peppers and possibly asparagus or broccoli and mushrooms, I can't remember. But I do remember that it was topped with a basil pesto, which made the dish. I will let you know if I remember more details from the recipe.

Jen said...

I dont like when the birds are chirping & I wake up because they usually start chirping around 5 am! ha

Cami said...

Haha, I'm not alive enough to hear the birds chirping at 5am, but when I am awake enough to hear them chirping I like it! Sadly, I will be waking up at 5, if not before beginning Oct. 6th. That will be fun...

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