Monday, July 19, 2010

Mission Accomplished: Last Day

Sad!  We had to leave on Sunday, but we weren't leaving without a couple more adventurous activities!

We had to check out at noon, so it was an early morning for us if we wanted to squeeze in some fun stuff.  At 8:00 we had Tai Chi outside overlooking the water.

I don't have a picture because it definitely would have been awkward for me to take a picture during the middle of the class, but this picture is basically what we looked like except we weren't matching and there wasn't that cool building in the background...

I have never done Tai Chi before.  It was really interesting.  You do the moves really slowly because the slow movements make you have to work on your balance which strengthens the muscles.  One movement takes a couple of minutes to complete the full move.  But, if all the tai chi moves are performed quickly, they are actually self-defense moves.  So I learned how to get away from someone if they grab my arm.  Very cool!  This is a video of one of the self-defense move I learned...

After Tai Chi, we had breakfast and then there was one thing I had to try before we left...


In the jungle!  Not really... but the trees look cool.

Looking onto the resort grounds from the water...

The view from the water.

After our hydrobikes, we explored the organic gardens again.  The resort gave us shears and told us that we could take home anything we wanted from the garden!  So I wanted to take home some of their pretty flowers to fill our vases that purchased at the resort's cute boutique.  

Vases in hand... ready to fill!

Which ones do I pick??  They are all so pretty!

Of course I had to get some of these little bobbles that I love!  Sam offered to operate the tools as you can see...

Ta daaa!

Then it was time to pack up and head back home to reality.  However, I think I can handle reality much better after that trip!  

But wait, I need to show you pics of our cute and cozy room and private backyard garden! I loved the rooms because they felt really homey... like you were staying in a little cottage. 

We took these pics while we were packing up so it's not all clean and perfect like it was when we arrived, but you get the idea.  Look at my vases on the window sill! 

Sam's apparently thinking really hard and seriously about packing up...

The door heading out to our little private garden

Here is our garden!  That window right there is the window from inside the shower (next pic).

This was so cool!  It felt like you were showering outside, but with privacy!  I know some people may not like that feeling, but I thought it was relaxing.  So if that's the case, there was a curtain in front of the window if that made you uncomfortable.  Oh, and the bathrooms were furnished with the resorts lotion, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and more that had this AMAZING lavender scent.  Now, I am hooked on lavender smelling things for the moment, especially since the resort gave us a lavender candle as a gift to take home with us. So nice!

Another pic of the garden. 

So that was our weekend getaway filled with relaxation, adventure, and fun at Lake Austin Spa Resort!  Sam and I had such a great time.  Keeping in mind that this was a gift from my parents for our 1st year Anniversary (thanks again!), it was like a second honeymoon!  Our real honeymoon was in Belize at another incredible resort that is a hidden gem like Lake Austin called The Victoria House.  Flashback time to some honeymoon pics!

Our Honeymoon Villa at Victoria House.  Ours was the upper and lower, right half of the building on the right.. if that makes sense.  It's kind of covered by the tree, but they all look the same.

Sunrise in Belize...

It's official, we like hammocks... I caught Sam taking a nap!

And we love kayaking...

We took a private sunset sail on this "old school" sailboat with some rum punch.  Besides the fact that I thought we were going to tip over the entire time, it was really fun and a gorgeous sunset.

So now you see why I can say that our short weekend getaway felt like a second honeymoon! A little relaxation, adventure, and fun.  I guess that should become the theme of our trips from now on. 

So, I must leave you with a recap of some life lessons I took away from this trip...

Lessons from Our Trip
1.  Let yourself relax.  Allow your mind to turn off.  Just be.  Enjoy the simple things around you and the simple things in life... like the simple fact that you are alive and healthy.

2.  Take advantage of being alive and healthy and move your body!  Don't be afraid to try new things (like Tai Chi for example).

3.  There is more than one way to relax.  Relaxation doesn't have to mean getting a massage or sitting down and doing nothing.  Relaxation can be active as long as it's something that you enjoy and that allows you to take your mind off of life's worries.

4.  Enjoy the rain!  If you had a big day planned, don't let it ruin your day.  Grab an umbrella (or not) and go!  Someone recently told me to think of it as "Liquid Sunshine" (thanks Maggie!). 

5.  Watch a movie.  Sam and I never used to take time to watch movies.  I could always think of other things I could be doing with that time. We watched two movies during our stay, and since we have been home, we have enjoyed some good laughs while watching some movies that we already owned.

And that's the end of my series of posts on our weekend getaway!  Mission Accomplished.  I hope you enjoyed hearing about the weekend.  Have you had any fun adventures lately??  If so, I want to hear! 

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Talk to you soon :-)

With Love, Health, and Happiness,


Jen said...

Glad yall had a good time! I have a health question and I decided to ask it here in case any other readers have the same issue:
I crave something sweet every night & i typically satisfy my craving w/ something small like piece of banana with PB & a few chocolate chips or graham crackers w/ jam (or fro yo, cookies whatever on weekends). Anyway, I never had these cravings before & while I don't mind them I would like to be able to know that I can eat dinner w/out having to go back to the pantry later for something sweet. I read your post on sugar & how it is addicting. In your experience have you found your sugar cravings less intense by eating more natural sweets/ vegan treats? I have been conscious about consuming less sugar when I don't have to (ex: no sweetner in coffee, no sodas) so maybe that is a start?

Michelle said...

Hey Jen! I can really relate to your question because I too have so much trouble with craving something sweet after a meal. My best defense is to not buy dessert stuff in the first place but since i've been trying the vegan thing my favorite dessert is the frozen banana soft serve (Cami has a recipe on here for it)with peanut butter... I do add cocoa powder or choc chips to it but it is definitely a healthier dessert than many options. Also switching to natural sweeteners like agave nectar, maple syrup, and stevia extract are better options than refined sugar but should still be eaten in moderation.

Cami - when is Sam doing his guest post on here?? I am really hoping his point of view will connect with my husband :)

Have a great weekend!

Cami said...

Hey girls! Jen, I LOVE that question, and I have so much to say about that. I just finished my latest post, and I really want to reply to your comment, but I have to go to bed right now so I can get up at 4:00am tomorrow (woohoo!), I will definitely answer that question when I return! In the meantime, I will tell you that I get those cravings too sometimes, and I like to eat dried fruit. I have so much more to say about your questions though, so we will chat soon! Try the soft serve that Michelle mentioned... it's soo good! Also try the peanut butter cups I posted about in May I think.

Michelle, Sam is going to post soon! Hopefully, next week. He has been working on Law Review stuff this week, so hopefully next week!

Okay, goodnight now and talk to yall soon!

Jen said...

Cami, thanks for getting back to me! I look forward to your response.. also, I did the P90X yoga last night & it was challenging to say the least. I'm excited to do it again though as I get used to the moves & improve my strength.
Have a safe trip in Ohio :)

Cami said...

Okay, finally some time to provide you with my thoughts on your good question!! But first, I'm so glad you tried P90x yoga x... it's sooo good! Let me know how it goes for your as you use it more.

Now, sugar time. I have definitely noticed a difference in my sweet cravings since I switched to more natural sweets and the vegan diet. One way the vegan diet has reduced my sweet cravings is simply that I am happily full after dinner, and my fullness lasts much longer because dinner is filled with many nutrients and fiber. Many times, I plan on having dessert, but by the time that comes around, I am still satisfied from dinner, so I don't end up eating dessert.

Also, if I don't NEED sugar, then I don't add it or use it. Like you said, cutting out sodas, sweet drinks, and sweetener and being conscious about your sugar consumption will make a huge difference. Another way I have reduced my sweet craving is that I simply don't buy those tempting treats to keep around the house. If I have unhealthy snacks around the house, then I will eat them. If I don't, then I don't even think twice about needed a unhealthy treat and I don't crave it.

I was with Sam's family all weekend and his grandmother made several decadent desserts that were always sitting around. I'm talking cookies, brownies, etc. They were filled with butter, egg, and sugar, and I knew I shouldn't eat them, but they were there and starring me right in the eye telling me to eat them.... so I did. Oh, it was so good going down, but I did not feel good afterward. I just felt lethargic and just blah. Plus, my tummy wasn't happy. So simply having the treats at my reach made me give in to my temptation... therefore, if I want to have decadent sweet treat, I don't buy it, I either make it or wait until the next time I go to Spiral Diner to get their yummy desserts.

But, I'm not going to lie, I have the sweet craving at night at least a few times a week and I'm not going to deprive myself of enjoying a yummy dessert, so I will either make cookies or some dessert (peanut butter cups), and I usually have a pint of dairy-free ice cream in the fridge. Just a pint though because if I want the pint to last all week, I have to eat a little at a time. Usually, I will have a coffee cup half-way filled with ice cream and add on some non-dairy chocolate chips or some of whatever dessert I made. That's when I crave a big dessert. If I just have a small sweet craving, then I will eat dried fruit (I like dried berries) or dark chocolate. Sometimes orange juice even does the trick. But I admit, if I'm desperate for a cookie or brownie and don't have time to make it or if I don't want a batch of over a dozen cookies sitting around the house for the week, then I will just go to CM and buy a couple of these individually wrapped gluten-free cookies.

One last thing. My sweet tooth has changed a lot too. I much more sensitive to sweetness so sometimes I find that things I used to love, are now too sweet and heavy for me, and I don't even enjoy eating them. So that's good I guess! But, for the record, I'm not perfect, and if we are out to dinner, and my parent's order a brownie covered in ice cream and chocolate sauce... I will have a couple bites. But that's it, a couple bites completely satisfies me, whereas I used to not be able to stop eating the dessert, and I would eat so much until I practically felt sick.

Getting the sweet tooth under control is a gradual thing, but I definitely worth it I think. I'm able to enjoy sweets much more now that I know I won't be left with that miserable "I'm so full...I shouldn't have eaten that" feeling.

I hope this helps!! Let me know if you have any other questions about it.

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