Monday, July 12, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

I think NOT! 

So, as you all know, my mission for the weekend was to relax.  I thought that might be an impossible mission because I am not very good at turning off my mind, BUT, let me tell you, I accomplished that mission and more!  I am so excited to tell you about it!!  My weekend was a success on so many different levels.  I learned a lot of different things about not just health and exercise, but about myself and life in general.  I can't wait to share them with you!  So my next few posts are going to be a recap of each day during our weekend getaway and lessons or health tips I learned that day.

Oh, and I just want you to know that I was thinking about you because I took A TON of pictures!  Yay, I'm getting better at the whole "take your camera with you wherever you go thing."  It's a blogger thing I guess.  So here we go with the weekend recap!

Sam took off work Thursday, so we left for our drive to Austin as soon as we could.  We had to drop off Major at the pet hotel (sad!), and then we were on the road by noon.  It was good 3.5 hour drive.  One of my favorite ways to relax on those long drives is to sing and not think about a thing. Sam, on the other hand, loves to allow his mind to wander and think about a billion different things, but that is relaxing to him... so whatever works for you!  It works well for us because that way I can sing and jam out, and he is completely content with me doing my thing while his mind wanders.

Some Favorite Road Songs for this trip included (in no particular order):
1.  Lover, Lover ~ Jarrod Nieman
2.  Touch ~ Natasha Bedingfield
3.  Free ~ Zac Brown Band
4.  King of Anything ~ Sara Barellies
5.  The House that Built Me ~ Miranda Lambert
6.  Pray for You ~ Jaron and The Long Road to Love
7.  Cooler Than Me ~ Mike Posner
8.  Alejandro ~ Lady Gaga
9.  Bulletproof ~ La Roux
10.  Dynamite ~ Tao Cruiz
11.  Club Can't Handle Me ~ Flo Rida
12.  Airplanes ~ B.o.B
13.  Ridin' Solo ~ Jason Derulo
14.  Can't Be Tamed ~ Miley Cirus

Lake Austin Spa Resort is about 30 minutes off of the major highway.  We passed through fancy neighborhoods, not-so-fancy neighborhoods, and began to wonder where on earth were we going.  And then we began driving through these beautiful hills and neighborhoods with signs along the way pointing us in the direction of the Resort.

I just thought that Austin was all about the 6th street area... well, I was wrong!  The outskirts of Austin (hill country) are a hidden gem.  All the hills eventually came to an abrupt ending, and then there was a big gate leading us into what I now call the Resort of Relaxation (RR).

We made it!  Sadly, after we checked-in it started to rain, but no worries!  They had umbrellas in our rooms and around every corner so we decided to take the grand tour of the grounds even though it was raining.  Oh, but before we walked around we had to fill our bellies. Thankfully, they have appetizers at 3:00 everyday and fresh organic fruit always available.  The appetizer that day was fresh hummus and pita chips... perfect! 

Here comes the rain... but still a pretty pic.

Hummus and pita chips... yumm!

With full bellies, now we can stroll around the resort. 

We found the POOL BARN!  This will definitely be put to good use!

There was a haze over the lake after the rain... it was pretty.

After a quick tour of the grounds (more pics to come when it was sunny!), we enjoyed some warm tea from the 24 hour beverage bar and Sam munched on a fresh pear picked from their pear trees, and we decided on our activities for the rest of the weekend!  

Pear Tree

Then, we decided to relax a little bit before dinner since it was raining.  

Oh, and did I mention you can wear your robes everywhere and anywhere... breakfast, lunch, or dinner... it doesn't matter!  And nobody looks at you funny.  More pics on strolling around in our robes to come. In the pic, I have the personalized water bottle and comfy shoes they gave us when we checked-in to keep!

Dinner Time
First Course: Crusted Avocado
Second Course: White Grape Gazpacho 
Third Course: Delicious Asian Stir Fry with Tofu and Brown Rice
Dessert: Too full for dessert!  Wine was dessert.  
To Drink: A Red Zinfandel 

Dinner was delish!  Keeping in mind that this is a healthy resort, the appetizers are not this huge platter of food that you feel forced to eat and are full by the time your meal arrives.  For, the first course, we each had one single crusted avocado slice, and then a martini glass filled with the gazpacho.  The portions were perfect size.  If you wanted bread or more of something, you could always ask and they will bring it to you, but you aren't just given a ton of food or bread to fill up on before the main course.  I thought that was so nice because you can really enjoy every course. 

The resort has a huge selection of old and recent DVDs to check out, so after dinner we went on a little walk with our wine, and then finished the night with a good DVD back in our room.  DAY 1 = SUCCESS 

Lesson from Day 1: Don't let the rain get you down.  Enjoy it.  It's nature.  At first, I was bummed because it started to rain, but I quickly decided to stay positive, and get my umbrella and walk around and enjoy being able to do so. 

And that was DAY 1!  Day 2 was filled with excitement, and I look forward to sharing that with you next time!  So, just to hold you over until then, below is a pic from day 2. 

Let me just say that I am thoroughly impressed with our digital camera.

I hope you had great weekend too and were able to relax and just enjoy living and loving life!  

With Love, Health, and Happiness,


Donna Miller said...

Oh my! I wanna go, I wanna go!!

Jennifer said...

I want to go too! I told my mom (this is her favoriate resort) that yall were going for your one year anniversary & she said maybe she'll send me some day.. i hope she stays true to her word.
i like the part about singing in the car- cody doesnt like when i sing :(

Cami said...

Mom, let's go! There were lots of mother/daugthers there!!

Jen, just sing anyway! It took some time, but eventually Sam got used to it and now he either laughs at me (which I don't care) or he does his own thing.

Michelle said...

This place looks amazing Cami!! I can't wait to hear more about it!

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